Products and Programs

As a mortgage banking direct lender, New America Financial offers a wide range of products and programs to help you sell more homes. Conventional, Jumbo, FHA, VA, USDA, 203k and other renovation financing loan programs, all processed, underwritten and closed right here by our employees. We make the common sense decisions.

The Backwards Process

What is The Backwards Process and how has New America Financial changed traditional mortgage lending? We underwrite every loan at application, at the beginning of the loan process. Our philosophy and goal is to provide peace of mind at the start of the process, not at the end, and resolve any questions early on. It takes a little more work on our end, but we know it is worth it and our clients appreciate it. It is our added benefit.

Having loans cleared to close in just 8 days requires that we operate differently than the rest of the mortgage industry. By revolutionizing this process, we have shortened the time from application to closing, unheard of at any other mortgage lender. Not just meeting expectations, but exceeding expectations.

Marketing and Co-Branding

New America Financial offers to our builder partners many different types and levels of co-marketing and co-branding. With over 25 years of real estate marketing experience, our partners have the opportunity to leverage off of our marketing departments ability to help you grow your business. Graphic art print, video production and social media marketing are some areas we co-market and co-brand with our builder referral partners.

First Time Home Buyers' Guide

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